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The Cleveland Indians and the “Promotional Player”

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When an MLB game, or really any sporting event for that matter, is promoted on a national network like ESPN, the promotion usually takes the form of “Player A and Team X travel to take on Player B and Team Y”. So typically you get something like “Mike Trout and the LA Angels travel cross country to take on Derek Jeter and the New York Yankees!” or “Andrew McCutcheon and the Pirates pay a visit to their cross-state rivals when they take on Chase Utley and the Philadelphia Phillies!” Read More…


The Allure of Being Wrong

There are literally hundreds of reasons to love the game of baseball, but one of the things that continues to drive me back to the game is that it is constantly proving me wrong. As much as fancy myself an intelligent baseball fan, the game is always surprising me in ways I don’t expect.

To illustrate the point, let’s use the oh-so-popular technique of the blind résumé: Read More…

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ Past, Present, and Future

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To preface everything you are about to read: It comes from someone who has adored NBA basketball ever since he was old enough to appreciate a Michael Jordan crossover-stepback (and obligatory push off). It also comes from someone who lacks even rudimentary knowledge about hockey and only watches it during the Olympics or if the Stanley Cup is on the television at a bar.

But the more I think about it, the truer it becomes: The Cleveland Cavaliers should move to a different city and be replaced by an NHL franchise. Read More…

Chudzinski, Banner, Haslam, and Firing a First Year Head Coach

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The firing of Rob Chudzinski after only one year at the helm of the Cleveland Browns was anything but fair. Chudzinski was saddled with Brandon Weeden as his starting quarterback to enter the season, likely at the behest of the front office to “see what the team had” in Weeden. His best quarterback option was injured for the season during his third start, at a time when the team was actually beginning to show some promise. Chudzinski was forced to play musical chairs at running back after the Trent Richardson trade, and the bottom of the roster was constantly being churned by the front office, making continuity especially difficult on defense and special teams. In short, the Cleveland Browns were not a team that was expected to be any good in 2013. Read More…

The Cleveland Browns and Fantanking

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The Cleveland Browns lost last Sunday, and this is a bad thing. We want to see the Browns win on Sundays so we can feel vindicated investing not only the three hours spent watching the game, but all the hours spent watching training camp practices and preseason games and reading about who the new gunner will be on punt coverage and all the other minutiae involved in religiously following an NFL team. When the Browns lose it makes us feel…whatever the opposite of vindicated is. Read More…

The Beautiful Game: How European Soccer Is Staking Its Claim As A Major Sport In America

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Although the NFL season has yet to hit full swing, last week was a big one in the sports world. Over the weekend, NBC Sports rolled out its coverage of the Barclays Premier League, showing matches all over their affiliate networks and through their online viewing app. Also this past weekend, Fox unveiled their overly self-hyped, ESPN-killer channel Fox Sports 1. In their first days as a full-fledged 24-hour sports channel, Fox Sports 1 came out of the gate with its Fox Soccer Daily show receiving a prime place at 4:00pm every weekday. These new soccer-centric cable offerings are the continuation of a process that has been gaining momentum at a glacier’s pace over the past 50 years. Read More…

Stranger in a Strange Land

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I’ve had a very eventful 21 years as a sports fan. My first sports memories are this and this. I had the privilege of watching LeBron James seemingly shrink the court with his patented one-man fast breaks as well as the privilege of watching Brady Quinn check down again and again on third and long.

So they may not all be great memories, but I certainly have a lot of them. But even as football, basketball, and baseball have demanded an unhealthy portion of my time, I can’t help but feel like I haven’t quite experienced sports fandom to the fullest. Read More…