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The Cleveland Cavaliers’ Past, Present, and Future

Originally posted to on February 12, 2014

To preface everything you are about to read: It comes from someone who has adored NBA basketball ever since he was old enough to appreciate a Michael Jordan crossover-stepback (and obligatory push off). It also comes from someone who lacks even rudimentary knowledge about hockey and only watches it during the Olympics or if the Stanley Cup is on the television at a bar.

But the more I think about it, the truer it becomes: The Cleveland Cavaliers should move to a different city and be replaced by an NHL franchise. Read More…


Cleveland Cavaliers and David Murphy Notes

Originally posted to on November 20, 2013

When a Cleveland team makes national headlines, it’s either because something really amazing happened or something bad happened. And let’s be honest, since this is Cleveland Sports we’re talking about, Cleveland teams only make national headlines when something unfortunate happens. Read More…

Anderson Varejao, Dion Waiters, and Other Cavalier Notes

Originally posted to on November 7, 2013

I love watching the NBA, but early season basketball can be pretty brutal. Despite an overly long preseason, players need time to get acclimated to their new teammates, and it often shows up in the quality of play early on. What we’re seeing right now is drastically different from what we’ll see in April and May.

That’s why I’m not ready to draw any conclusions about the Cavaliers’ season after a 2-3 start. This team still has a huge range of possible outcomes for the season. I can still see them going over .500 and I can still see the bottom falling out. It’s all still in play. Read More…

Kyrie Irving and the Injury Prone Label

Originally posted to on October 24, 2013

The injury prone label is one of the most dubious honors that can be bestowed on a player. All it takes is for a guy to suffer a few ill-timed injuries before fans quickly slap the injury prone label on him. And once a guy is perceived as injury prone, it’s a monumental task to reverse that perception. Read More…

Ranking The “Team” In Team Sports

Originally posted to on August 28, 2013

It’s a team game.

As clichés go, the one above is one of the most common ones you’ll here athletes and coaches say. Win or lose, everyone is always quick to point out that it’s a team game, one single person is not responsible for the win/loss, everyone played an important role, etc. Like any good sports cliché, there is a modicum of truth that gives rise to the cliché. Football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer; they are all by definition team sports. But not all team sports are created equally. Some team sports are more, um, “team” than others. That is, in some sports, a single player can have much more of an impact while other sports are designed to not allow one player to completely determine the outcome of a game or season. Read More…

“Sources”: No Funny Business Between Andrei Kirilenko and Mikhail Prokhorov

Originally posted to on August 14, 2013

The Brooklyn Nets have been the talk of the NBA this offseason after acquiring Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Jason Terry from the Celtics to pair with Deron Williams, Brook Lopez and Joe Johnson to form a formidable contender to the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference.

Perhaps just as important for the Nets was signing forward Andrei Kirilenko to a one year, $3.2 million contract with a player option for next year. Kirilenko’s ability to defend both guards and forwards makes his addition paramount for Brooklyn to keep Pierce and KG healthy for an extended playoff run.

However, the $3.2 million Kirilenko (I hate typing that name out, let’s go with AK47 from here on out) will make is a far cry from the $10.2 million option he declined from the Minnesota Timberwolves. Naturally, with this being the NBA and the Nets being owned by Russian billionaire/demigod Mikhail Prokhorov, the conspiracy theories started flying. Read More…

Dwight Howard and True Silliness

It’s now July, which means the NBA’s silly season is now upon us. As with any good silly season, most of the media attention has been focused around the thoughts and decisions of one man. In 2010, LeBron James started the trend of having all potential suitors come to him to ask him to prom make their pitch as to why their team is the best destination for the player. The 2011 class didn’t feature any free agents with enough star power to draw this kind of attention. In 2012, it was Deron Williams who commanded the attention of the sports world en route to signing with the Brooklyn Nets. This year, it’s everyone’s favorite whipping boy Dwight Howard garnering all the attention. Read More…