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The Cleveland Indians and Luck

Originally posted to on January 24, 2014

I was poking around Baseball Prospectus the other day when I came across an interesting stat: No Indians starting pitcher other than Justin Masterson has pitched a full season’s worth of innings at the MLB level. This was written before the Indians inked Shaun Marcum to a minor league deal, but he hasn’t pitched over 180 innings in a season since 2011 and is a poor bet to reach that threshold again due to his extensive injury history.

That stat says two things. Read More…


Thoughts (Or Lack Thereof) on the Browns Head Coaching Search

Originally posted to on January 10, 2014

Quick, without looking him up, think of everything you know about Cleveland Browns head coach candidate Dan Quinn. Here’s what I know: Read More…

Chudzinski, Banner, Haslam, and Firing a First Year Head Coach

Originally posted to on January 2, 2014

The firing of Rob Chudzinski after only one year at the helm of the Cleveland Browns was anything but fair. Chudzinski was saddled with Brandon Weeden as his starting quarterback to enter the season, likely at the behest of the front office to “see what the team had” in Weeden. His best quarterback option was injured for the season during his third start, at a time when the team was actually beginning to show some promise. Chudzinski was forced to play musical chairs at running back after the Trent Richardson trade, and the bottom of the roster was constantly being churned by the front office, making continuity especially difficult on defense and special teams. In short, the Cleveland Browns were not a team that was expected to be any good in 2013. Read More…