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The Cleveland Browns and Fantanking

Originally posted to on December 26, 2013

The Cleveland Browns lost last Sunday, and this is a bad thing. We want to see the Browns win on Sundays so we can feel vindicated investing not only the three hours spent watching the game, but all the hours spent watching training camp practices and preseason games and reading about who the new gunner will be on punt coverage and all the other minutiae involved in religiously following an NFL team. When the Browns lose it makes us feel…whatever the opposite of vindicated is. Read More…


Cleveland Indians: Evaluating the Rest of the Free Agent Starting Pitchers

Originally posted to on December 4, 2013

It’s no secret that the Cleveland Indians are looking to add a free agent pitcher to their rotation this offseason, and even though we have yet to reach the annual winter meetings, free agent starting pitchers are flying off the board. With the possible options for the Tribe’s rotation rapidly dwindling, it’s time to take a look at the remaining free agent starters and assess which ones would be good fits in Cleveland. Read More…