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Michael Brantley and Consistency

Originally posted to on September 24, 2013

I was watching the Tribe game the other night with a buddy when Michael Brantley came up to bat. We both agreed that Brantley was a very valuable player for the Indians, noting how he’s a well-rounded player who does a little bit of everything to help his team win. My buddy went a little further to note that Brantley’s “timely hitting” has been a huge boon to the Tribe’s success this season. Read More…


Why the Trent Richardson Trade is a Good Move

Originally posted to on September 19, 2013

The night is always darkest just before the dawn.

Yeah, I know that’s a terribly hackneyed quip, especially coming after the Browns shockingly dealt former third overall pick Trent Richardson to the Colts for a 2014 first round pick. But no other cliché better illustrates how Browns fans should feel after the team seemingly waved the white flag on the next fourteen games of the season. Read More…

The Cleveland Browns and The Making of an Identity

Originally posted to on September 18, 2013

Since the reincarnation of the Browns in 1999, the one criticism that has constantly been levied against them is that they are a team without an identity, which is really just a euphemism for saying that they stink in all phases of the game. Aside from possibly the almost-magical 2007 season (sometimes dreams do come true), the Browns really haven’t had a season in which they’ve been, you know,  “good” at anything; their identity has always been that they don’t have an identity. However, in 2013, despite being amidst the slog of another 0-2 start where even the most menial tasks on a football field seem like exercises in futility, the Browns may have finally discovered the makings of the what is beginning to look like an identity. Yes, the Browns may have finally found an identity in the ferocious and aggressive play of the defensive front seven. Read More…

Three (Non-Quarterback) Things To Watch In Week 2

Originally posted to on September 15, 2013

All eyes will be on Brandon Weeden when the Browns travel to Baltimore to take on the Ravens. Here are three other things to watch for. Read More…

Appreciating Being Wrong About Yan Gomes

Originally posted to on September 13, 2013

Coming into the season, it was widely thought that the Indians would get good production out of their catcher. Many pundits and fans believed the Indians had one of the strongest hitting catchers in MLB, and that another season would lead to improvement in his defensive prowess. The hope in and around the organization was that a quality season from the catcher and other returning players, coupled with free agent supplements, would be enough to push the Tribe into October. Read More…

Takeaways From The Browns 23-10 Week 1 Defeat To The Miami Dolphins

Originally posted to on September 9, 2013

The Browns struggled mightily in their 17-16 Week 1 loss to the Eagles…no, wait, that was last season. Let me try again. The Browns blew their opening day game to the Cincinnati Bengals by a score of 27-17 after a miscommunication left star receiver A.J. Green wide open…nope, that’s not it either, that was two seasons ago. I got it now. The Browns got a nice defensive performance, but the offense led by Jake Delhomme struggled on their way to a 17-14 defeat to the Bucca…crap, that’s not it either.

Unfortunately, the Browns 23-10 Week 1 loss to the Miami Dolphins looked the same as any other Browns Week 1 debacle since the team returned in 1999. The roster and coaching staff may be different, but it’s the same old story on the lakefront. Here are the takeaways from the game. Read More…

Three (Non-Quarterback) Things To Watch For During Week 1

Originally posted to on September 7, 2013

All eyes will be on Brandon Weeden during the Brown’s season opener this Sunday at home versus the Miami Dolphins. Here are three other things to watch for: Read More…