I didn’t make it to the gym until late today, but I made sure to stay long enough to catch the Cavaliers pick Anthony Bennett first overall. Unfortunately, I then had to leave the gym, which meant I was subjected to the atrocity that is the WKNR NBA draft coverage.

This godawful excuse for a draft night radio program had countless moments of ineptitude, too many to list here. Just a sampling:

1.The broadcast was littered with each of the five “analysts” mentioning how they “didn’t watch a lot of college basketball” or “had caught four or five games” and thus they didn’t have a ton of knowledge about the draft prospects. Which is fine, you can still offer a worthwhile opinion without being Jay Bilas. What you cannot do is claim ignorance and then continue to bitch and moan about every pick as it happens, at least not if you don’t want people thinking you’re a complete joke.

2.After the surprising Anthony Bennett pick, a few of the panelists were upset with the pick because they hadn’t seen any mock drafts that had Bennett going first. First off, that’s not the point of most mocks. Most of them are done trying to predict who will go where, not who the best player is. That’s why they’re called mock drafts and not player rankings. Secondly, while mocks are entertaining, they are among the most useless pieces of literature on the Internet or in print. If you don’t like a pick because it’s a bad fit or you don’t like the skill set that’s one thing, but lambasting a pick because it wasn’t in someone’s mock draft is as nonsensical as it gets.

3.After Cody Zeller was picked by the Bobcats, one of the more level headed “analysts” compared Zeller to Carlos Boozer because both were moved from center in college to power forward in the pros. It’s not a great comparison, but at least it’s couched in basketball terms. This led a different “analyst” to say, “What about Kwame Brown! That’s another big man picked by [Michael] Jordan.” Just stop. Please just stop now before I go Mike Tyson on my own ears. That type of “analysis” is beyond stupid. It’s not even worth systematically dissecting its stupidity other than to say that a person that would say such an ignorant thing has shown that he doesn’t watched basketball except on Sportscenter highlights and that said person should not be allowed within 500 feet of a microphone.

I would go on, but I have an electroshock therapy session to attend.


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Jeremy Klein is an unabashed Cleveland Sports fan who only wants to see a Cleveland team win a title. You can follow him on twitter @PapaBearJere or email him at thenarrativeblog@gmail.com.

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